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This service had shown to slow down churn rate by focusing on traders who are demonstrating quitting patterns

Historical data of real users revealed what leads different types of traders to eventually quit trading. Brokers may experience abandonment as a sudden event of fund withdrawal but according to our studies, quitting is a gradual process that could be found within the trading data. These findings were translated into models that are used as sensors. When certain trading patterns are in place, these sensors generate an alert (“signal”). The retention agent can immediately follow up and provide proper response depending on the account status. Our testing had revealed the following:

A. The service can differentiate well between traders who are candidates for quitting and those that are trading within the normal range of activity.

B. When approached in real time, re-deposit rate had increased significantly and also the number of depositing customers. In some cases reduction of withdrawals had also been observed.

  • Engage the right accounts
  • Engage at the right timing
  • Engage with the right pitch
  • Save time on data collection and analysis
  • Avoid unattended accounts
  • Integration to broker’s CRM
  • Monitor Account Managers’ progress