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This solution was found to increase conversion rate from demo to real by over 30%

After analyzing historical data of thousands of demo traders we found parameters that are associated with conversion. As opposed to common perceptions – it is not all about P&L. We were able to determine the right time frame to approach a demo user – when it could be too early or too late. In addition to the right timing, we have tracked some trading patterns in demo that could trigger making a first deposit.

These insights were put to the benefit of brokers in order to help them target someone who is “serious” versus someone who is just passing by. The Converter is made of several trading behavior profiles of a converting demo trader: when a combination of trading parameters is in place, our platform generates an alert (“signal”) to the broker’s back office. Now, instead of calling all demo traders, brokers can cherry pick and focus on the highest quality targets.

In order to prove the usefulness of the system, AB testing was carried out. The test group showed a much higher conversion rate than the control group (30%).