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Cpattern team took over IFX EXPO 2016
CPattern’s attendance at the IFX EXPO has become a tradition. 2016 was the 4th time we took a part in the leading financial B2B convention. 2016 was the biggest iFX EXPO ever…  And we seized the opportunity to make an impact!
Itay Zoran and Aviv Harpaz, our men on the mission, took over the production – a beautifully designed booth, cool branded ring bells were the right choice for giveaways, and drinks were offered to celebrate with the booth visitors. Evrething  ticked perfectly so our visitors will get the message – with CPattern, brokers can do more business! 

The event itself was a great opportunity to transfer our perceptions and vision for the online trading industry.
Oded Shefer, our CEO, took part in the Automation panel and also held a powerful workshop on helping brokers understand automation and the ways to implement it. The audiences ware thirsty for knowledge. Also, we met many of our existing clients, providers, and business partners – it’s always great to strengthen connections. We were happy to see a decent amount of traffic in our booth and brokers from different continents and cultures wanted to learn about our automation-as-a-service. We got the reassurance for what we have been feeling for a long time; the entire industry is now focused on automation as a means to running a business.

A few years back, BI and automation were in their infancy, and now we can see a surge of interest and many companies are developing various solutions for data analysis and automation.

And lastly, The IFX EXPO was an excellent opportunity for us to learn many things. While speaking with different companies, you can learn so much about what is going on with them, and it gave us varied ideas on how we can improve our solutions to serve our clients better.

So yes – it was a great event for us!

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