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2015 Proves : CPattern uplifts broker’s trading volume & activity!

Today, CPattern stands at the fore-front of Retention Automation development in the online trading industry
2015 was an amazing year for CPattern as its client base incredibly increased by threefold. 2016 is looking even more exciting with numerous business opportunities and amazing products innovation.
We developed a technology, but most importantly, innovative concepts and ideas that would help brokers get retention work more data driven, transparent, cost effective, and productive.

Retention Automation: The biggest opportunity for brokers’ growth
Ever wondered why RETENTION became the buzz word in the FX industry? Simple! Due to the high cost of new customers’ acquisition, existing customers become much more valuable. In the Forex and Binary Options industry, brokers prefer to nurture existing customers due to the cost efficiency. Retention Automation allows you get more trading volumes and activities from traders already trading with your company. With Retention Automation, those traders will make more trading activities with larger amounts.


Timing Is Everything: handling the right accounts at the right time with the right pitch
The knowledge to address any client at the right time with the right message makes brokers work dramatically more efficient and effective. The client gets the most relevant pitch when he is most open to hear it.
CPattern’s Retention Automation Technology which allows brokers monitor their trading data in real time also has a tremendous effect on trading volume of our clients. Brokers who use CPattern’s solutions enjoyed a significant MoM uplift in their trading volume and activities. These are the key indicators that show how crucial Retention Automation is to the online trading industry.

CPattern delivers results and improves brokers’ trading volume and activities!
In 2015, the accumulated uplift in trading volume generated by CPattern had crossed $35M and uplift in trading activity also crossed 5M. Our clients managed to deliver more trading activity from existing customers than ever before due to the use of CPattern Retention Automation solution.

All activities measured & analyzed: This is how clients know how effective we are!
CPattern, is one of the few vendors that could have a strong claim for uplift due to its HD measurement methods. When Account Managers use CPattern’s AMC (Account Monitoring & Control), CPattern records their actions and compares them to a randomly selected group of accounts (for each broker) that serve as a control group. This allows us to show each broker every month how much volume and activity were generated through the AMC group and in the control group. Our clients also enjoy the periodic reports on the effect of the AMC on the performance of their retention department.
To conclude, we want all our clients to reap the benefits of CPattern and track their customer behavior in real time. That’s why we have decided not to skip over our success but to continue introducing new ideas. We are working on some special features and integrations that we shall be revealing in our subsequent letter. We owe it to ourselves to make you enjoy a significant MoM uplift in your trading volume and activities via CPattern.