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This is your ultimate retention tool that complements the call center work and had demonstrated an uplift of more than 20% in trading volume.

The Guardian Angel™ tool was designed to help traders, both beginners and experienced, cope with their professional and psychological trading dilemmas as they trade. It was found that when receiving high quality and meaningful feedback in real time, traders can gain awareness of their own trading and of the market’s dynamics, making them more responsible and more resistant to trading hardships.

Instead of trading on gut feeling, the Guardian Angel™ gives traders a point of reference but without providing any financial advice. This empowers the trader as it challenges him to learn from his own experience. An accurate and objective reflection of trading eventually stimulates traders and enhances a sense of control that can eventually lead to more trades, higher satisfaction and higher trading volume.

  • Educational & professional content
  • Automated retention
  • Complementary to retention efforts
  • Stimulates traders to trade
  • strengthens brand loyalty