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CPattern provides real time BI solutions to FX and Binary Options brokers to help them grow their business


CPattern offers retail FX and Binary Options brokers high end solutions that are based on real time behavior analysis of every demo and real user.  Our technology serves as a powerful growth engine, as it easily fits in within the brokers’ work process and produces immediate improvement and positive ROI.

Handling a large amount of accounts is a challenging task as each account produces a huge amount of information. In many cases, it is impossible for brokers to make sense of all the data, let alone doing so in real time.

If data is not handled or misinterpreted, meaningful occurrences may be out of the brokers’ attention: a demo trader that may be ready to deposit will be gone if not approached at the right moment, a live account may become saturated from trading and if not engaged at the right time – he may withdraw his funds and quit.

CPattern can analyse the entire trading activity of every broker (with no access to clients’ identity) and monitor the behavior of every single account in real time. CPattern’s Analytics Platform offers a suit of front end and back end services and solutions. These services enable brokers to proactively engage with their demo and real traders when they are logged in, be one step ahead, and make a significant impact (e.g., reach out to demo users before they move on or reach out to real traders when early signs of fatigue are present)

This way, the broker can have maximal control over his conversion and retention processes, make sure all accounts are handled properly, and make benchmarks of efficiency using CPattern’s tools.