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The Added Value

CPattern’s technology is what every broker needs, as we are committed to deliver direct business value and observable growth to our customers.
Case studies across brokers, across traders and across time of year, show that CPattern can make a significant contribution (MoM) in increasing Life Time Value, increasing trading volume, and enhancing client satisfaction.
The edge CPattern generates for its customers is due to increasing efficiency of sales and retention processes:
1. Handling the right accounts at the right time with the right pitch
2. Reducing amount of unattended accounts
3. Partial automation of retention and sales processes
4. Saving agents’ time and resources
5. Providing HD analysis of retention & sales’ efficiency
6. Equipping sales and retention agents with up-to-date insights on accounts’ behavior to increase their engagement quality
Case studies had shown that several parameters had improved significantly when using CPattern’s solutions:
  • Accounts trading volume had increased by over 20%
  • Re-deposit rate had increased by 20% – 50%
  • Conversion rate had increased by over 30%