Exclusive: CPattern Ventures into Conversion, Compliance and Risk with Floor Management

The company’s Floor Management solution is expanding the outreach of the company into new areas.

One of the leading companies in the industry when it comes to automation of retention and conversion processes, CPattern announced today that it is venturing into a new area with the launch of its new product, Floor Management.

As the name implies, this piece of new tech is going to provide brokers with a variety of actions when to comes to monitoring their book and client database.


CPattern has been in the business of providing technology to brokers since 2009 and it has started with retention software. Its new expanded direction aims to accommodate broker needs for better monitoring of backend operations and conversely reduce costs and boost profitability when it comes to conversion, compliance, and risk.

Commenting on the launch, the CEO of CPattern, Oded Shefer, said: “The Floor Management concept fits well at this point in time, when regulation becomes stricter.

As a complementary service to CRM, the Floor Management enables our clients to gradually automate crucial elements of their operation, module by module. The right amount of automation could have a significant impact on a broker’s performance”.

Some of CPattern’s existing clients like Mr Ibrahim A. Aita, Director at CMTrading, are sharing their impressions of the pernership: “We are working with CPattern for several years and this new concept of Floor Management is exactly what we need at this point.

This system makes our lives much easier and enable us to speed up processes and handle a larger amount of events. The results are showing a significant operational improvement”.

Floor Management is a complementary service to a CRM solution, essentially optimizing back office tasks. As acquisition costs are growing higher and compliance requirements are ramped up, brokers are after new approaches to optimizing their performance.


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